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We Provide a full range of Solution

Over the years, Ennegi has developed the ability to design and implement custom sw and made to meet the specificities of different production fields (bakery, meat and processing industry, ready meals, logistics etc.) in order to lean the production, management processes and their control & reporting.
This maximizing the processes of information exchange between production and management systems, limiting human intervention and related costs.



Meat Industry

Ennegi is able to offer a complete range of products needed for meat processing lines

Meat derived – Sausages Industry

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Fruit & Vegetables

For companies operating in the fruit and vegetable sector and for processing of particular interest in addition to labeling machines

Bakery products machineries

Machines and systems for packaging the control and pricing of each baked product

Ready Meals & Gastro

Ennegi is able to supply complete engineering support as well as the machineries necessary to cut labour in the production of ready meals, and gastro products and their control


Ennegi può offrire il servizio di engineering e le macchine necessarie per il controllo e la produzione dei piatti pronti

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