Automatic check weigher NGP CW series

Certified compliant to 2014/32/UE -MID

Classe XIII (1)


The NGP CW series represents the state of the art of the automatic high performances check weighers.

Highly scalable hw architectures: number of belts, kind and dimensions of conveyors (flat, V shaped, motorized thin belts) to satisfy each production need.
Able to convey differently shaped or not regular products.
They distiguish for the wide 15″ colour touch panel which allow easy programming and a better user experience to program required functions and properties.
It is possible to search products with different research filter (customer, dept, etc), capability to connect an external printer to get production and controls recap and summary.
The check weighers are available with different versions of not compliant products ejector or separatos (in multiple subsets as well) with hw tools optimized and designed basing on characteristics of the products to be handled.
Available in differen version with max load between 1 kg to 12 kg and verification division from 1g to 2 g depending on max load.

Available versions with maximum load between 1 kg to 30 kg, verification divisions of 1g, 2g or 5g depending on max load.
They are bale to give and send logs for an accurate check of production and to help remote programming.
NGP series machines are based on a modern sw architecture, with all the needed tools to make connectivity real and easy. Since are natively digital and connected systems will allow efficient and fast data sharing.
NGP allows a precise control and an effective measurement of production lines efficiency and represents a significant contribution to lean processes and procedures.

High performances, high production output and easy programming for everybody.

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