Innovation & Quality

Our Mission

The focus of ENNEGI srl’s activity consists in the development and realization of solutions, systems, plants and automatic machines in the sectors of packaging, weighing, printing and labeling and tracing of food and non-food products, intended for large-scale and organized distribution. to all logistics and product trade infrastructures.

During its activity, in addition to the simplest labeling and automation solutions, the company has developed automatic weight measuring instruments certified in accordance with 2014/32 UE (MID) regulations, possibly integrated with metal detectors, printing and labeling, cardboard wrapping, cardboard/plastic coupling systems, tray dispensers, stackers, handling and everything necessary to create automatic cycles.

In addition to the technological know-how, the company aims to offer to the customer a system to implement procedures for quality assurance and certification, reduction of manpower, increase in the efficiency of production processes also through information management systems.

The Ennegi organization applies quality management system compliant with ISO 9001: 2015 to be able to respond to customer needs and offer a reliable and satisfactory service.

Ennegi therefore presents itself, since 2003, not as a machine supplier but as a reliable partner to promote customer’s brand, improving business processes in accordance with the most recent needs.


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