We can offer a complete range of automatic machines, systems and integrated sw solutions to manage the end of the production line. The solutions, whether standard or designed on the customer’s needs, are suitable to satisfy any market request relating to production control, quality assurance and enhancement of the graphic, information and communication aspects of the products’ packaging.


ENNEGI srl was founded to develop and manufacture automatic machines in the sectors of packaging, weighing, printing and labeling of food and non-food products, intended for large-scale retail trade and international trade.

The company’s approach is to provide the complete solution to solve logistics’ needs, production control and certification, automation and efficiency of the lines. A further mission of the company, meant to be a customer’s partner, is also to help the customer in the enhancement of packaging to improve communication by lowering production, packaging and environmental impact costs complying current regulations.

For all companies that consider to innovate in processes as essential, keeping in mind the need to associate an exclusive image with their bran and to develop efficient production systems with minimal use of labour, responding to the needs of large-scale distribution and information management, Ennegi is able to provide know-how, technologies, experience and enthusiasm.

With Ennegi it is possible to make new ideas come true, seizing the opportunities given by social evolutions that create new market areas, new groups of consumers, with more careful, refined and demanding choices, keeping the attention aimed at containing costs, at efficiency and at the quality of the production.

Weigh Price Pack & Label

Ennegi can offer the market an economic, versatile, compact and at the same time high performance solution


The system is completed by an adjustable transport belt and a stainless steel frame. Attention to detail …

Complete Custom Line

Ennegi is able to study and provide alignment systems, rotation, cycling, spacing capable of …



Meat Industry

Ennegi is able to offer a complete range of products needed for meat processing lines to machines

Sausages Industry

Products with an irregular shape, with multiple, cylindrical, non-flat and difficult to handle packaging… developed ad-hoc

Fruit & Vegetables

For companies operating in the fruit and vegetable sector and for processing of particular interest in addition to machines

Bread & Cookies Industry

Machines and systems for packaging the control and pricing of each baked product ……

Ready Meals & Gastro

Ennegi is able to supply complete engineering support as well as the machineries necessary to cut labour

Fish production

Ennegi can offer the engineering service and the machines necessary for the control and production …

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  • The company has embarked on a facilitated investment program under the POR FESR Regione Lombardia, Priority Axis I – STRENGTHENING RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION – Action I.1.b.1.1 – support for the purchase of services for ” technological, strategic, organizational and commercial innovation of companies. The project aims to improve and speed up the weighing operation inside weighing machines through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms. Through the subsidy tool, the company received a benefit as follows: Contribution € 25,000.00.


  • The company participated in the international trade fair, IPACK-IMA 22, thanks to the granting of a subsidy of € 9881.11 – from the POR FESR Regione Lombaria, Action III.3.B.1.2 .: contributions for the participation of smes in international fairs in Lombardy.
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