Automatic Checkweigher NGP2 CW


Automatic Checkweigher NGP2 CW

Version of the checkweigher of the NGP series, to separate the products in different subsets according to the weight.
Like all NGP weight control machines, they are certified in compliance with MID MI 006 (Measurement instrument Directive 2014/32 / UE) in precision class XIII (1).
Available in versions with verification division and from 1 g, 2 g, and maximum capacities from 1.5 kg, up to 12 kg, with minimum values ​​from 20 g to 100 g.
The 2-belt configuration implies that the packages already arrive correctly cycled, from previous machines or lines.
The 2-belt solution represents an intermediate production level suitable for companies with different production needs.
The dimensions of the conveyor belts can be optimized according to the products to be treated, with custom versions for extra long products.
The application from above of the labels represents the most rapid and immediate communication of information regarding the product content. It can be well combined with a Labeling Machine to choose from in our wide availability and with a Rotating Tables for the collection of products

The machine, like all NGP systems:

  • it is equipped with a 15 “touch panel for simple management of the control functions and for setting the criteria and separation methods,
  • natively allows connection to IT systems for the collection and sending of production data information,
  • can be combined with a printing system to obtain a summary of the operations carried out.

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Automatic Checkweigher NGP2 CW

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