Multiple Stacks Tray


Multiple Stacks Tray

The automatic multiple tray dispenser is the natural evolution of the single system. It allows the fast and automatic distribution of stacked trays. Allows uninterrupted operation, without labor intervention and no assistance for long working shifts. At the end of a column of trays, the system will automatically position itself on another container, also communicating the end for the emptied one.

Slightly different formats and different references can also be used, thus allowing precise control of the products.

The realization is tailored to customer needs in order to guarantee maximum functionality and reliability during the working process. The methods of gripping and releasing on the conveyor belt are carefully studied on the basis of the shape and details of the trays as well as the number of columns and their capacity.

The system includes pneumatic and mechanical tools and a construction completely in stainless and washable materials.

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Multiple Stacks Tray

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