Metal Detector & Check Weigh


Complete line of weight control and materials verification. Possibility to request the components separately.
The essential component of efficient and controlled productions in respect of quality: a complete and highly integrated line.
The weight control machine offers the following features:

has a maximum capacity of 12 kg and 2gr division
equipped with LED display,
qwerty membrane keyboard,
allows easy selection of memories, weight range and tare programming,
output on RS 232, customizable on request for communication with other peripherals (printers, inkjet, etc.),
menu in Italian and / or English,
advanced total management,
transport system with three variable speed motorized belts with inlet guides
stainless materials and on request 100% INOX
washable and sanitizing material suitable for the food environment,
quick-change mats with connector,
transport only function
The metal detector part is equipped with the latest generation electronic control unit capable of generating the magnetic field present in the detector probes. Provision is made for devices for controlling and regulating general operation, operating sensitivity in particular. Its electronic circuit has been designed and built with the latest generation of microprocessors, which allows it to work with stability of adjustments over time, immunity from external disturbances to avoid false alarms, high discriminating power against the metal to be detected and rapid intervention / alarm in the presence of a disturbance derived from the presence of a small metal part in the product to be checked. It stores the settings made for the product to be examined and displays the events in progress during processing with the possible alarming of the system.
256 selectable programs, 2 programmable alarm outputs, storable programs, 80 catatteri alphanumeric display, and Italian language software (English or French on request) complete the equipment.
The presence of a metallic impurity disturbs the quiet of the magnetic field in the control tunnel, generating a beep with consequent blockage of the conveyor belt, if required or operation of the ejector, if provided.
Belt length approx. 1000 or 1100 mm, width 300 mm. approx. height of the worktop 970 +/- 50 mm. Direction of travel: from right to left.
Complete with movable guides at the entrance, beep, bypass tape stop, light and sound alarm on column and kit of sample ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel balls.

The MD metal detector complies with the regulations in force concerning EMC safety, CE
The line can be customized in terms of dimensions and for product cycling needs.

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Metal Detector & Check Weigh

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