09 Sleeving Machine


It is very important to consider that the sleeving machine performs a 4 people job with constance, quality assurance, and reliability. Therefore the payback time is very limited and it represent a small investment for the customer which saves labor and many other costs.

The equipment is composed by a variable speed infeed belt to collect packs in the direction in which will be sleeved in line and correctly paced. A robotized group synchronizes the trays on the working tracks. The sleeves are piled in group of 4 storing devices, and go to the forming devices which will form in the correct geometrical way them in order to receive correctly the trays.

The sleeved product is conveyed to the exit in order eventually to be labeled or boxed.
The machine capacity depends on the size and dimensions of the trays, therefore will be confirmed only after sample receival.
The sleeve storing system is thought to contain a reasonable number of sleeves which will be discussed with customer in case is needed to add more capacity.
The equipment is fully managed, programmed and controlled by electronic, electropneumatic and electro mechanics devices and is completed by the electric and electronic cabinet to program, manage, and control the functioning processes.
The whole equipment is made with stainless materials.

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09 Sleeving Machine

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