4 Belts WPL


Automatic Machine with 4 Motorized Belts – Label Application with Air Jet or Piston. Suitable for High Productivity. Full Support for the Cyrillic Alphabet.

The system with 3 motorized belts allows for easy and safe cycling-weight pricing of your products. It ensures maximum performance and reliability in operation.The machine is designed with state-of-the-art technology, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance, thanks to its complete stainless steel construction.

The operation is easily programmable, and the machine features an intuitive graphical interface based on Windows CE, which allows for storing different products associated with their respective layouts.

All layout management can be done directly on the machine or, optionally, through a PC program.

The thermal printing unit comes complete with a reel holder (outer diameter of 250 mm) and a spindle with a diameter of 76 mm. It includes devices for peeling off self-adhesive labels with a friction-based system for recovering the Teflon-coated label carrier paper. The printing unit can be rotated if necessary.

The label applicator uses an “AIR JET” system for the automatic and precise application of labels onto your products, ensuring safety. This technology offers maximum flexibility when changing the sizes and heights of packages/products. Alternatively, a system based on a compensated pneumatic cylinder can be used.

The menu is available in English or Italian.

Label layouts can be customized directly from the machine using the keyboard.

Barcode printing options include EAN/UPC 8/13, EAN 128, and CODE 128.

Product information can be stored for quick recall.

Total programming (up to three levels) is possible.

An Ethernet card is included for PC interfacing.

The control unit contains all electrical, electronic, and electro-pneumatic equipment for managing all functions.

The conveyor unit is 400 mm wide and has adjustable speed. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Enclosed motors.

Adjustable guides for conveying products of any shape.

Photoelectric barriers for detecting packages to be weighed, priced, and labeled.

Idle rollers at the entry and exit, made of suitable material for the food industry (optional).

The frame is made of stainless steel and can be easily adjusted in height.

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4 Belts WPL

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