Weigh price labeling NGP 3 low up


Weigh price labeling NGP 3 low up

The NGP SS version represents the most complete and flexible configuration of the NGP automatic weighing-pricing series.
The possibility of printing two independent labels on two separate printers for the upper and lower sides of the packs, allows maximum customization and completeness of the information reported.
Available in different versions of capacity and division (12 kg / 2 g, 6 kg / 2 g, 1.5 kg / 1 g) with high productivity allows the use of the machine in practically every field of application responding to the productivity requirements of the modern company.
The connectivity and the possibility of creating ad-hoc data exchange systems make it finally the machine suitable for the production control and certification of production lines with high IT integration and high efficiency.

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Weigh price labeling NGP 3 low up

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